Past Works

Past Works on the MPCAS:


MPCAS Juried Open Call 2022/23:

Andy Zuliani, Your Future is Filled: Overcoming the Negation Within You, video, 2.5 minutes, 2021

Arjun Lal, Fruits on a Date, video, 1 minute, 2022

Barry Doupé, Red House, animation, 3 minutes, 2022

Cathleen Chow, Nora Lum on her Blaccent, animation, 33 seconds, 2022

Cheyenne Rain LeGrande, Pîsimoyâpiy ᐲᓯᒧᔮᐱᐩ, video, 4 minutes, 2022

Cole Pauls, Dog Boy, animation, 5 minutes, 2022

David Ehrenreich & Cassandra Surina, Cheeto Monster, video, 6 minutes, 2020

David Ezra Wang, i am home even when i’m not, video,  2.5 minutes, 2021

David Ezra Wang, thankful for sound of storm, video, 2.5 minutes, 2022

Eva Dominelli, Ryan Quiring & Gentle Party, God Complex, animation, 4.5 minutes, 2022

Jasmine Liaw, xīn nī 廖芯妮, film, 7.5 minutes, 2022

Jenny Lee, Invisible Roots, video, 14 minutes, 2022

Joshue Ngenda, take time, pekin, film, 36 minutes, 2019

K.W. Miller, HonkHonk BeepBeep BonkBonk, animation, 4.5 minutes, 2022

Kellie Bornhoft, Gestrata, video, 8 minutes, 2021

Kirsten Hatfield, Morning Light Dance, animation, 1 minute, 2023

Kosar Movahedi, Zipper Device that Shows if I Want to Have Sex or Not, video, 8 minutes, 2022

Luke Fair, Seeds and Stones, video, 4.5 minutes, 2022

Maegan Hill-Carroll, On a Fake Sea, video, 44.5 minutes, 2022

Melissa S Armstrong, Title Unknown, animation, 9.5 minutes, 2022

NADUH, FPE 11:11, animation, 3 minutes, 2022

Noor Ghazal Abouchehade, Diaspora (المهجر), video, 2 minutes, 2020

Ogheneofegor Obuwoma, In Memory of Who We Were, film, 15.5 minutes, 2021

Ogheneofegor Obuwoma, Our Masquerades, film, 4.5 minutes, 2020

Phoebe Parsons & Neal Moignard, On the Outside, animation, 3.5 minutes, 2022

Red Buffalo Nova Weipert, C1260, video, 1 minute, 2021

Red Buffalo Nova Weipert, Red vs. The Institution, 3 minutes, 2022

Rojina Farrokhnejad, Refuge From the Dark, video, 6 minutes, 2022

Romi Kim, Continental Breakfast & Skim, The Warehouse, video, 18.5 minutes, 2021

Rosalina Libertad Cerritos, toma tiempo construir el optimismo, video, 2.5 minutes, 2022

Saif Alsaegh, Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness, video, 8.75 minutes, 2019

Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora & Julia Wong, Preserve, video, 6 minutes, 2022

Zuleyma Prado, Pre-, video, 1.5 minutes, 2022

MPCAS Juried Open Call 2021/22:

Merle Addison, Sense Datum, photography, 3 minutes 42 seconds, 2017-2019
Afuwa & Aerlyn Weissman, Colonial Blanket for Peoples Who Refuse to Vanish, video, 3 minutes, 2014
John Allison, Storefronts of Mount Pleasant, photography, 5 minutes, 2007-2018
Brittney Appleby, Close to Home, film, 2.25 minutes, 2020
Jupiter Brahms, Grocery Stores, paintings, 3 minutes, 2020
Sally Buck and Regan O’Connor, Object Permanence, video, 8.75 minutes, 2019
Hank Bull, Heaven’s Gate, video, 1 minute, 2019
Christopher M. Carruth, english ivy I hedera helix, video, 2 minutes, 2021
Jeffery Chong, Kingsway, video, 2.5 minutes, 2020
Edzi’u, the wind carries their names, 6.5 minutes, 2020
Ella Cooper, V-formation, video, 4 minutes, 2014
Emilie Crewe, ORINTHONICS, animation, 3 minutes, 2020
Emilie Crewe, Secondhand, video, 4 minutes, 2019
Gemma Crowe with All Bodies Dance Project, Near/Far, video, 6.75 minutes, 2021
Steven Thomas Davies, Jeanette Kotowich & Dani Zaviceanu Written In My Blood, video, 3 minutes, 2016
aly de la cruz yip, bruha : chou, video, 6 minutes
Margaret Dragu, Frugal Friday, video series, 2015-ongoing
EartHand Gleaners Society, Means of Production, video, 2022
Lisa Fevral, GREEN, text, 1 minute, 2020
Eli Hirtle, ᒥᑭᓯᑲᐦᑕ // mikisikahta // bead it, video, 3.25 minutes, 2021
Alger Ji-Liang, mourning orange, video, 3 minutes, 2022
Tomas Jirku,Unseen Urban Energy, video, 15.5 minutes, 2019
E. Kage & Onibana Taiko, Awa Odori — Fool’s Dance, video, 4.5 minutes, 2022
Constantine Katsiris, Harsh Walls of East Vancouver, photography, 5 minutes, 2019
Lois Klassen, Flowers for Joyce, film, 7.5 minutes, 2008
Alexandre Klinke, In Between, video, 3 minutes, 2020
Deborah Koenker + Roberto PachecoThe Cherry Tree Project, documentation, 3-mins, 1987
Christian Yves Jones & Kara Juku, The Petal – Cánh Hoa, video, 8 minutes, 2021
Pippa Lattey, Al Neil’s Piano in The Blue Cabin, video, 5 minutes, 2021

Caroline So Jung Lee, ghosts of cambie, film, 3.5 minutes, 2020
Josephine Lee, Kirogi (the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home), video, 12.5 minutes, 2021
Josephine Lee, I think I Canada I Know I Canada, video, 13.5 minutes, 2018
Cheyenne Rain LeGrande, Nehiyaw Isko Iskotew ᐃᐢᑯᑌᐤ , video, 8.5 minutes, 2019
Cheyenne Rain LeGrande, Maskekewapoy ᒪᐢᑫᑫᐊᐧᐳᕀ, video, 8.5 minutes, 2020
Yan Liang, The Collection of Thoughts, animation, 10.5 minutes, 2019-2020
Rosalina Libertad Cerritos, Somos Shikilit (We Are Indigo), video, 15 minutes, 2020-2021
Kent Lins,Cementing Presence, video, 3.5 minutes, 2019
Caroline So Jung Lee & Jae Lew, What Came Before, film, 3 minutes, 2020
K.W. Miller, coming soon: nothing much, illustrations, 2.75 minutes, 2022
Elizabeth Milton, Cracks and Vines, video, 10 minutes, 2019
Mark Mizgala, Mount Pleasant, photographs,13 minutes, 2019
Andrea Monteiro, The Mattering Map revisited, video, 10 minutes, 2019
Kat G Morris, Sense of Time, GIF, 3 minute loop, 2021
Hue Nguyen, Nineteen Eighty Nine – Nineteen Ninety, video, 3.5 minutes, 2020
Lisa g Nielsen, Artemisia, video, 4.5 minutes
Keely O’Brien, Any Day Now, still photographs, 1.75 minutes, 2021
Libby Oliver, Mementos, photographs, 2020
Cole Pauls, K’ānäthät (Thinking), animation, 9.5 minutes
Phoebe Parsons, Terror Fervor, animation, 6 minutes, 2019
Esteban Pérez, Liquid Land, video, 15 minutes, 2021
Graham B. Peterson, Hypnotic Coasts, video, 9.75 minutes, 2020
Hân Pham, To: you, to night, video, 9 minutes, 2020
Sydney Frances Pascal, kwékwa7, video, 3.5 minutes, 2020
Sydney Frances Pickering, distance, video, 6 minutes, 2022
Terra Poirier, Boon: Olympic Village, one year later, photography, 3 minutes, 2019
Deepali Raiththa, Dhundhloo, video, 2 minutes, 2020
Sarah Ronald, Encounter, animation, 3 minutes, 2021
Jocelyn Geo Tang, Fish Head, animation, 4.5 minutes, 2021
Eric Tkaczyk, beyond the scrim, video, 2.25 minutes, 2022
Alysha Seriani & Hazel Meyer, Marble presents “IT’S MY HOUSE,” video, 5 minutes, 2021
Ashleigh Vaillancourt, Habitat Island, video, 2 minutes, 2020
David Vaisbord, Little Mountain Project – Time lapse, video, 4 minutes,  2019
Tracey Vath & Sajia Sultana, White Walls, video, 2.25 minutes, 2020
Merissa Victor, Electric City, animation, 1.5 minutes, 2020
Russell Wallace, Welcome Song, video, 4.5 minutes,  2019
The Welcoming Committee, The Welcoming, video, 7.25 minutes, 2022
Erica Wilk, How to Zine, video, 15 minutes, 2021
Gloria Wong, Rituals, video, 5 minutes, 2020
Kira Wu, Auspicious Moment 2020, video, 1 minute, 2020


Ben Bogart, A diffraction of past/stability and present/dynamism, video, 7.5 hours, 2021
Michaela Bridgemohan, tracts, rakes, tines, lake and sleeping grass, video, 5.5 minutes, 2023
Kevin Lee Burton, HOMe, video, 4 minutes, 2019
Kwiigay Iiwaans, Hawsan lh suu- repeat after me, video, 3 minutes, 2021
Amanda Strong, Ghosts, stop-motion animation, 6 minutes, 2018
Charlene Vickers, Cool Indians on Main Street, video, 2020
Paul Wong, Chinese Only, video series, 1 minute, 2019
Leung Yiksea & Karin Lee, Ho Tak Kee, video, 6 minutes, 2022

From the Archives:

Thirza Cuthand, Alice, performance documentation by Mike MacDonald, 1999

Past Curated Programs:

Film is fogged when light impacts the negative in an unexpected way. Fogged! captures that effect, the tone and language of super 8 and 16mm experimental film to explore the idea of place through the lens of women. It explores how new condo developments affect this neighbourhood, transforming the environmental, social, and economic aspects of working class life. Read more about the program here
Curator: Sebnem Ozpeta
Artists:  Lisa G Nielsen / Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty / Lindsay McIntyre /  prOphecy sun / Amanda Thomson

The Illusion of Movement

There is an ongoing demand for the resources required to accommodate Mount Pleasant’s urban developments, which aim to increase densification of the neighbourhood. This contributes to an influx of inhabitants and traffic.  The Illusion of Movement presents six works by contemporary experimental animators, aiming to generate a dialogue with the neighborhood by making visible the complications of urban development and gentrification that continuously alter the landscape and lives of the inhabitants. Read more about the program here.

Curator: Lianne Zannier
Artists: Annapurna Kumar / Anna Firth / Yaloo / Weronika Stepien / Karolina Glusiec / Flavourcel Collective
Flavourcel Members: Alia Hijaab, Anna Firth, Gil Goletski, Harlo Martens, Chhaya Naran, Josh Neu, Kat Morris, Laurel Pucker, Julia Song, Lana Connors, Chris Strickler, Rowen Rinaldi, David Gorodetsky

Isolation Boy
Kevin House‘s project originates in his experience with isolation and self-reflection. Isolation Boy is composed of daily visual and text-based reflections, speaking to our present period of COVID-19 isolation. Selections from House’s ongoing project screened on the MPCAS throughout 2020.

open link in new tab
Room magazine and Indigenous Brilliance are proud to showcase the brilliant work of ten Indigenous women, Two Spirit, and Indigiqueer artists in open link in new tab. These artists weave together texts, video, and artwork to give us small glimpses of their thoughts and lives in this time of self isolation and physical distancing. Read more about the program here.
Curator: Jessica Johns
Artists:  Helen Knott / Cassandra Blanchard / Molly Cross-Blanchard /  Justin Ducharme / Francine Cunningham / Edzi’u / Jody Okabe / Karmella Cen Benedito De Barros / Jade Baxter / Jaz Whitford

Poetry is Bad For You
Stemming from the Poetry is Bad For You reading series chapbook, Justin Ducharme curated this collection of poems and digitized them to bring text-based works to the MPCAS and to recognize the work of local poets who contribute to these vital environments that harvest creativity and community with these spaces and initiatives that as we know are far and few between in this city’s ever changing landscape. Read more about the program here.
Curator: Justin Ducharme
Artists: Brandi Bird / Aja Moore / Adrienne Yeung / Myles Black / Samantha Nock / Jane Shi

proximities: contemporary musings on place relations
Since time immemorial, Indigenous people have practised careful and diligent methods to carve out relations between themselves and specific time and place. proximities: contemporary musings on place relations explores the ways in which indigenous video artists have related to space within their specific mediums and what questions arise from these almost new found forms of relationship building. Read more about the program here.
Curator: Justin Ducharme
Artists: Emma Joyce Frank / Russell Wallace / Terry Haines / Tyler Hagan / Shelley Niro / Joleen Milton

As queer indigenous bodies existing in a society that doesn’t always feel necessarily for us, and finding ourselves creating work about those experiences in tandem – we forged this own second coming. One outside of the typical religious institution and one that celebrates a rapture and celebration of our two spirit kin to a place of utopia. Read more about the program here.
Curator: Justin Ducharme
Artist: Zachery Longboy

Past Community Partnership Programming:

Kinesis Dance Partnership: Aethernet, concept and choreography by Paras Terezakis.

Capture Photography Festival Partnership: Jessie Ray Short, Wake Up!, curated by Jocelyne Junker, Capture Photography Festival.


Image: Elizabeth Milton, Cracks and Vines (still), 2019.