i am home even when i’m not

i am home even when i’m not describes my routine move between Taipei and Vancouver for education and my discomfort with not having a settled resting place. This pivot between two places is described in the poem as two places such as inside/outside, here/there, and sunset/sunrise…. it is reflected in the instinctively collaged video that hints as binaries such as sky/ground, wall/ceiling, indoors/outdoors. The footage of me walking through a flooded road curiously and gently disrupts my reflection on such binary spaces – this flooded road is man-made and natural, unintentional and intentional, a disruption and a soothing touch… Perhaps I am at rest, or at home, even when I’m away, even when I don’t notice.

Artist Bio
David Ezra Wang was born on Munsee Lenape land (New Jersey), raised on Ketagalan land (Taipei), and currently studies as an uninvited guest on Massachusett land (Cambridge). When he’s with himself, he’s an artist, or a writer. When he’s with others, he’s a friend, a comrade, a teacher, a spirit, or a stone in a river.