David Vaisbord

Little Mountain Project  –  Time lapse

Time Lapse is the latest iteration of David Vaisbord’s documentary project: The Little Mountain Project.  This short video, Time Lapse, focuses on the landscape of The Little Mountain Housing Project as a construction site, a playground, and home of a generation of youth, a battleground for a neighbourhood under siege and ultimately, a graveyard for the housing dreams of Vancouver.

Vaisbord uses time lapse to alert the viewers of this piece to the many levels of disjuncture between our fantasies of what housing could be, versus how developers and politicians with vested interests see it. Time lapse reveals the historical component of this ongoing housing disaster in the heart of Canada’s most unaffordable city.

Viewers who would like to know more can visit the Little Mountain Project website for background information. The next iteration of this project is a feature documentary titled: Champions of Little Mountain.

Launched in 2008, The Little Mountain Project puts into human terms the historical context of the destruction this fragile low-income housing community in an era dominated by neo-liberalism.

It’s time to #takebackthemountain.  #takebackthemountain is the hashtag for a community action and public forum against Vancouver’s housing crisis.

A developer saw more cash value in an empty lot than a community so he demanded that The Little Mountain Project be destroyed. A decade has passed. There must be a better future for this wasteland than 1500 luxury condominiums built out over the next 40 years? Share your ideas at #takebackthemountain.  Here are some thoughts shared by Vancouver’s One City councillors. Little Mountain.com


David Vaisbord is a Canadian and hyper-local documentary media maker, writer, educator and enthusiast. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and two children.