Constantine Katsiris

Harsh Walls of East Vancouver

Constantine Katsiris’s work in the field of photography goes back to a teenage obsession with abstract art. As his eyes glance over the details of weathered walls and surfaces, Katsiris feel that the signs of decay tell a story of change over time. Most of his photographs are cropped details with only slight adjustments to fine tune the colour balance. Katsiris does not title or caption these works, instead allowing the aesthetic qualities of the colours, lines, textures, and potential for pareidolia in these photos to lead the viewer to their own interpretations. Aside from the Instagram feed, these images have been shown in public in a variety of ways which include being printed onto canvas, as video projections, and now for the first time on an urban screen.

Constantine Katsiris (b.1980) is a Canadian artist currently living and working in Vancouver since 2008. An avid phonographer, he has travelled extensively to conduct field recording expeditions around the world from urban settings like Tokyo, Paris, and Prague to more remote regions such as the Amazon rainforest. These audio-based activities are kept in balance with his longtime obsession of abstract photography. His practice in both fields utilize the same basis processes of capturing sound or images from his surroundings and recontextualizing them. He is also director of the Quiet City concert series, a non-academic curator of exhibitions and collections, as well as a composer of experimental music.