Deepali Raiththa


Dhundhlu is a Gujarati word (in my native language from India), meaning foggy, cloudy, unclear, dim. Air that we can only feel, a slow realisation of something around us. It resides in a way that is untouchable. Something we can breathe but can’t see. Life support. While I create a fog on the screen which blurs the portrait, I am wondering about the barrier which comes to life when fogged and is present but invisible before. The continuous act of creating fog and cleaning it makes me aware of the thoughts within our minds, how we fog it up and the world becomes dim. The repetition of action even though moving continuously has a weird stagnancy. I am interrogating a fluid positionality that is continuously shifting, leading me to contextualise the research stance in the between and betwixt of Passage. I am examining the experience of passing from one place, condition, or stage to another and highlight the in-between space made visible through artwork produced with various methods and processes. Throughout, absence is indicated via aesthetics, materiality, and immateriality pointing to subtle boundaries between play and seriousness, the real and imaginary, the ephemeral and permanent.



Deepali has been creating New Genres work that generates a dialogue between performance, space, and time which involves bodily experience, live actions with mixed media installations, and time-based works. Graduated as Masters in Fine Art at Emily Carr University of Art & Design , 2021, attended Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai, India and did Post-Baccalaureate in Visual Art at San Francisco Art Institute, California. Her artworks are been featured in 11 exhibitions and performances in the U.S., Canada and India. Also she has been one of the speaker of TEDx Talk Emily Carr U in 2020.