Cheeto Monster

Cheeto Monster is a magic realism documentary exploring dichotomy in the life of Asami Tsukada. A Japanese expat, but not a Canadian citizen, Asami has lived half of her life in Tokyo and the other half in Vancouver. She has found community and isolation, acceptance and discrimination – in both cultures equally. This story examines the relationship between place and culture with ones own identity.

On the internet we are all actors, often searching for ways to feel and appear authentic, while pretending to just be ourselves. In response, Cheeto Monster aims to remove that grey area completely – providing a certain honesty through a constant awareness of the apparatus. In addition, we make light of her tenuous relationship with space by allowing her to dominate it visually while amplifying deeply personal narration that ranges from heartbreaking to humorous.

More than anything , we wanted to tell an honest story in collaboration with a woman we love – an effort to celebrate how she navigates the world in her own unique and enigmatic way.

Artist Bio
David Ehrenreich is a Director and Cinematographer from Vancouver BC, who’s film practice oscillates between documentary, fiction and experimental – usually landing somewhere in-between.

Cassandra Surina is a Production Designer and Filmmaker originally from Hamilton, Ontario and currently working wherever the wind takes her.