Film is fogged when light impacts the negative in an unexpected way. Fogged! captures that effect, the tone and language of super 8 and 16mm experimental film to explore the idea of place through the lens of women. It explores how new condo developments affect this neighbourhood, transforming the environmental, social, and economic aspects of working class life.

The program opens with Amanda Thomson’s Blindspot. A woman’s voice speaks about romance, bringing forth memories connected with place that become her history.  Lisa G Nielsen’s Harbek Homage is the second film in the program, a silent film that captures the city from the point of view of increased oil tanker traffic. Her time-lapse film documents the devastation of our urban coastline. Nielsen’s second film in the program, 86 South East Marine Drive, presents a conversation with a security guard about an empty, ignored, and decaying piece of Vancouver real estate, leaving the viewer with many questions regarding gentrification.

Next, prOphecy sun’s cover up examines the artist’s personal relationship and new home using the her body to understand the emotional states of everyday spaces. It’s followed by Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty’s Night Visions, a film where the artist explores the psychic energy, sleep cycles and synaesthesia, the neurological condition that results in a merging of senses that aren’t normally connected. The result is a haunting spell of colour and rhythm. Kirk-Gushowaty second film in this program, Before After, looks at old and second growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. The work uses two channels to follow the cycle of carbon from the mountains to the sea, reflecting on ecological and economic modalities of time, space and matter.

The program ends with Lindsay Mclntyre’s Dar. Construction that shows us a day’s work on a construction site, giving new insights into something we witness every day in the ever-changing Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.