Zuleyma Prado’s newest ideation and series that pays homage to her first exhibition “ Party Rocker” is the pre-curser in a way that is to capture the time and space in-between getting ready and going out. The last few looks in the mirror, the last moments we see ourselves and have our own bias perspective before we head out into the evening to be perceived.

“I’ve spent a lot of time getting ready. Whether it be going out with friends to clubs, shows or getting ready for the work day. I’m sure we all find ourselves in front of that dirty mirror with all our shit everywhere as we paint away a perception we wish to cultivate, I want to capture that exact moment from the ‘crying while doing my makeup’ to the ‘I think I look the best I ever have.’”

The intention of this project is to push introspection, inspire people to think of the times when they are alone with that mirror of theirs either with a friend or two or just alone. In hopes everyone can walk away catching a glimpse of themselves and sit with it a little bit more.