Alysha Seriani & Hazel Meyer

Marble presents “IT’S MY HOUSE”

Made in the style of a karaoke music video Marble presents “IT’S MY HOUSE” is part homage to Diana Ross’s 1979 single “It’s My House,” and part exploration of the messes and pleasures of having and sharing a “space” to call our own.

Intertwined with the characteristic lyric titles of karaoke videos is a collection of scenes filmed on Super 8 where two people and a puppet move in and out of the frame, caught in the act of something… Part consciousness-raising, part illicit concoction, part inventory of liquids, text fragments and scattered objects, these scenes accompany such lyrics as “there’s my chair / I put it there,” reminding us all of self-determination’s aesthetic pleasure.

Through humour, karaoke and the familiarity of a muppet-like face, Marble presents “IT’S MY HOUSE” invites dialogue about the relationship between dignified housing and the radical potential of playing together.



Alysha Seriani is an emerging interdisciplinary artist working at the intersections of film production, pedagogy, media art and community projects. Her work proposes horizontal modes of collaboration and seeks to witness intersectional practices, intergenerational learning and queer joy.


Hazel Meyer’s work with installation, performance, and text investigates the relationships between sport, sexuality, feminism, and material culture. Her work recovers the queer aesthetics, politics, and bodies often effaced within histories of infrastructure, athletics and illness.