Phoebe Parsons

Terror Fervor

Terror Fervor follows seven different characters through a psychedelic dystopia. This wasteland echos the past and future of loss and abandon. Each character holds their vices tightly to them as they sway and morph from space to space. A warning tale of the dangers of malaise and malicious behaviors. Overconsumption, brainwashing, murder! But also beautiful colors and a sweet, sweet soundtrack.



Phoebe Parsons was born and raised outside of Vancouver in White Rock, British Columbia. From 2005-2009 Phoebe studied at Emily Carr University in Vancouver where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts with a focus in film and animation studies. Phoebe’s thesis piece The Fantastic Adventures of Cloudman achieved 3rd place status in the best of film category at Emily Carr’s Grad Show and was screened internationally including the Vimeo Film Festival in New York and the anti-design festival in London, England in 2010. Since then Phoebe has been working professionally as an assistant costume designer in film and television while she continues to direct and produce films. Additionally she was awarded a Canadian National Film Board Grant for the production of Terror Fervor, a hand-drawn cel animation that has since been screened in over 30 festivals worldwide and has been featured in an episode of Adult Swims’ “Off The Air”.