Aethernet is a community-engaged dance project that was first born from the isolation we all felt when Covid-19 hit. After over two years ‘stuck’ at home, we felt motionless, our bodies screaming for action and connection. We were never “alone” however. We are all connected, not only through our ethernet cables, but mainly through the elements we are all made of. Aethernet dances the air we breathe, the fire our passions light inside us, the earth we eat from, the water we come from and the life opportunities suspended in the ether, waiting for us!

Concept/Choreography: Paras Terezakis
Video-Montage & Editing: Yasuhiro Okada
Music: Zhar by Acid Arab – Versatile Record

Performers: Michele Andersen, Jenna Berlyn, Denis Blais, Asha Carr, Breanna Carr, Aiden Cass, Martin Chabannes, Christine Chardon, Lella Chatzieleftheriou, Emily Clarke, Alisha Davidson, Tatou Dede, Adrian Deleeuw, Amandine Dolmazon, Carline Dolmazon, Janelle Eisler Carr, Eowynn Enquist, Léo Feraud, Valentin Feraud, Phalguni Gala, Maddy Gilbert, Elissa Hanson, Markos Hlias, Sarah Hutton, Shiva Khodabakhsh, Andreas Kolisoglou, Eleftheria Kontemani, Juolin Lee, Ted Littlemore, Kerstin Luettich, Maureen Lum, Athena Moustaka, Giorgos Paterakis, Giorgos Papadopoulos, Kira Radosevic, Hannah Richard, Renee Sigouin, Samantha Sutherland, Paraskevas Terezakis, Juan Villegas, Matt Wyllie, Melanie Yan, Sintija Zigure, and the students and teacher of Delview Secondary: Thea Angeles, Micah Ariza, Princess Bien, Jueru Ebashi, Nele Haas, Selna Iwasa, Anoop Kahlon, Ashlyn Langton, Aanya Mathews, Muskaan Moti, Emma Pauchly, Esha Saini, India Sanchez Lorenzo, Shaheen Sekhon, Suzu Wakisaka, Deborah Hanson

Artist Bio

Kinesis Dance somatheatro is based in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s mandate is to contribute to the development of the art of modern dance through workshops and performances both in Canada and abroad. The company seeks to explore the human condition through contemporary dance and physical theatre. Under the artistic direction of Greek-Canadian Paraskevas Terezakis, the company creates highly visual and emotional works which combine live performance with multimedia, text, design, and original musical composition. Terezakis’ choreography can be described as physical poetic theatre. The movements explore the contrast between the excitement of energy and the simple beauty of stillness. Often inspired by classical Greek theatre, Terezakis explores the visceral and emotional landscape of the human condition.

Paraskevas Terezakis began his professional training in his native Greece, where his professional career started in theatre and dance with Experimental Ballet Athens. After moving to Canada in 1979, he studied at Toronto Dance Theatre, York University, and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. In 1986, he started Kinesis Dance somatheatro and since then the company has performed world-wide over forty original dance works for solo, duet, and groups.

A Dionysian choreographer, Terezakis’ multi-textured style is the culmination of a process that engages improvisation, self-expression, novelty, and blind inspiration in order to free the body from habitualness. It is an emergence of complex cascading events arising out of a multiplicity of minimalistic physical interactions.

His choreography is marked by heightened physicality of movement. Whether the lines are expansive and rhapsodic or clipped and telegraphic; it is choreography that uses emphasis to communicate emotion. The dance lines are created in a rough, manipulated style so as to connote rawness and energy.

Terezakis seeks to evoke rather than to describe in his work as his dance vocabulary signifies the state of the dancer’s soul. Hostile to plain meaning, gestural superficiality, and false sentimentality his choreography is clothed in the imagery and symbolism of occidental mythology intended to evoke idea and emotion. The dancer’s body becomes a perceptible surface to represent the esoteric affinity with the primordial Ideal.