Invisible Roots

Invisible Roots
Through the performance series with my mom, I feel the possibility of transforming
the meaning of the relationship, by giving rise to a new kind of interaction and blurring the big absence between my mom and me. I wanted to share and experimentally demonstrate the performance of my mom and me who were in that space at that moment when the present is the past, without feeling the existence of the present or the past of time, where gravity does not exist, where there is only existence and existence, mutual trust, pure contacts, “timeless” magical moments.

My mom, although being sensitive to the environment and shaky, she resembles the plant that invariably overcomes, survives, and adapts itself to any environment. My relationship with my mom is like plants that communicate through their invisible roots in the ground. The absence time of the body, which was separated from each other for a long time, actually we were sharing another time, silence was also another conversation, we actually never stop talking each other and connect through invisible roots.

Artist Bio
Jenny Lee is a multimedia artist primarily working with experimental performance video and video installation, based in the US and Korea. She received a BFA in Fine Arts from University of California, Los Angeles in 2018 and is currently a 2023 MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the FVNMA department. Lee’s initial background in painting discussed issues regarding human dignity with special attention to the victims and traumas over the social issue of sexism and inequality in Korea. Lee’s current practice also studies the use of body, space, the feeling of alienized or familiarity, absence or communication, as well as questions about trust between people.