Rosalina Libertad Cerritos

Somos Shikilit (We Are Indigo)

Somos Shikilit is an experimental digital moving image interactive installation. The title translates into “We are Indigo” – Somos is Spanish and Shikilit is Nahuat, which is an indigenous language in El Salvador, Central America. Somos Shikilit explores cultural identity through the history of indigo in El Salvador. It is a nostalgic celebration and exploration of cultural identity through the use of colour, texture and abstract forms.



Rosalina Libertad Cerritos is a digital moving image artist. Her artistic research and studio practice explores cultural identity and how this unfolds through memory, history, time, and intergenerational experiences of trauma, celebration, hope, immigration, and collective and personal nostalgia in the context of El Salvador and its diaspora. The complexity of these experiences is expressed through the abstract and gestural character of her work, yet a recognizable language through figure or symbolism still remains so as to facilitate an entry point. As they enter a space where the digital moving image and sound exist in different layers and dimensions, her installations invite viewers to engage with these concepts and ideas in a holistic manner. Her visual discourse is interested in creating an experience that embraces plurality in a multidimensional and multi-sensorial way.