Merle Addison

Sense Datum

These photos are from Merle Addision’s continuing series Main & 7th. The images are taken within a few blocks of this location, just a couple of blocks from where Addison lives — his neighborhood. Addison is inspired by ordinary day-to-day life. These images are records of his experience, the artist’s impressions of the world around him. Addison says he finds it amusing looking at the MPCAS, seeing art made about Mount Pleasant and what is around us, and how the screen becomes us.

Merle Addison is a graduate of the Experimental Arts Department at the Ontario College of Art and Design (1982). He received his education there but has been making things as long as he can remember. As a child, Addison thought the best job would be a TV news anchor or announcer, because they worked 15-minutes a day and got to keep the pencils and paper.

Merle is best known as a photographer, and has worked with grunt gallery as the performance art photographer since grunt was founded in 1984. His personal work utilizes a variety of mediums, anything that you can use to make a scribble, from photography to a pencil on paper.