Zachery Cameron Longboy, Wonderland

work statement

A visual manifesto of a place of joy. I stand in the garden, awaiting my fate, distracted by the beauty. He shouts “Here I am, here I am” pulling my focus close to his chest, as I hear the beat beat beat of the river named life calming my wounded body in it cool silvery wash I await your decision from here to there.

artist bio

Zachery Cameron Longboy is a video maker and performance/installation artist. Born in Churchill, Manitoba of Sayisi Dene lineage, Longboy places his multiple identities as a White-adopted/Native gay/Two-Spirit/Sixties Scoop survivor at the centre of his multi-disciplinary practice. His intensely felt, hybridly layered videos often use his complex performance-installations as a departure point. Longboy is nationally honoured and widely shown in Queer and Indigenous venues, as well as in public collections including The National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), Winnipeg Art Gallery, Glenbow Museum (Calgary), and The Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa). Numerous screenings include The Edmonton Art Gallery, Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY), and Images Independent Festival.