Yen-Chao Lin, The Spirit Keepers of Makuta’ay

work statement

Shot on location in the traditional Amis territory, The Spirit Keepers of
Makuta’ay travels through villages on the east coast of Taiwan, where nature,
colonization and population migration merge to create a unique spiritual landscape. The hand processed super 8 unravels mixed faith expressions from Daoist ritual possession to Presbyterian funeral, from personal prayers to collective resistance, all the while attempting to trace the memories of past Amis sorcerers.

Stories & narration by Rara Dongi
Co-produced & sound design by Oliver Lewis

artist bio

Yen-Chao Lin 林延昭 is a Taipei-born Montreal-based multidisciplinary artist. Having grown up in a multifaith family, she is interested in religion, spirituality, divination arts, dowing, occult sciences, alchemy, Feng Shui, oral tradition, and power – everything that can be sensed, but not necessarily seen. As a natural history enthusiast and an avid collector, Yen-Chao gathers specimens of mineral, botanical, animal and industrial origins, including objects that stare at the vestiges of a recent or distant past, with a story to tell. Through means of intuitive play, collaboration, scavenging and collecting, her tactile practice often incorporates various craft techniques, such as copper enameling, ceramic, textile, and gilding; creating installations, sculptures, and experimental films.