Time For The Oniric, Ego

work statement

I am inspired by my personal demons, by the immensity of nature, by the dream, and by the mediocrity of the human condition. My art is full of contrasting colors and misaligned features that come to deconstruct an accelerated and automatic society where the need for expression and reflection imposes. Although I find my expression through my illustrations I am a visual artist that explores different media and materials like animation and sculpture.

artist bio

Micaela Guedes aka Time For The Oniric is an independent visual artist living in Lisbon. Oniric ́s illustrations carry disturbing themes of nowadays through a psychedelic and surrealistic approach. Part of the creative process is traditional with archive and indian ink and the painting of the illustrations often are digital. Time For The Oniric had the opportunity to attend institutions that solidified her artistic path, such as the AR.CO and NextArt schools in Lisbon.
Later graduated in Art and Heritage Sciences at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and also completed the digital illustration course at Lisbon School of Design. Oniric ́s work has been shown at Fortaleza de Santiago in in a solo show at Sesimbra in 2015; 2016 Individual Exhibition of Painting “Roots” at the Sesimbra Municipal Library; 2017 Solo Exhibition of Painting “Roots” in the Lisbon City Chamber; 2019 Solo Exhibition of Painting “Metamorphosis” at the Olga Santos Art and Architecture Gallery in Porto. 2021 Collective Exhibition “Mix” in the Verney Municipal Gallery Bookstore. And recently in 2022 Individual Exhibition with illustration, painting and sculpting creations “Reminiscences” at Com Calma Centro Cultural in Lisbon.