Paul Wong, The Prophouse

The Prop House
Paul Wong
3 mins 30 secs

Director: Paul Wong
Cinematographer and Editor: Christian Yves Jones

Using drone and steadicam cinematography the filmmaker takes us into the magic wonderland of Mount Pleasant Furniture (MPF) of two warehouses, a labyrinth of 35,000 square feet crammed with furnishings, objects of art, paintings, textiles, sculpture, figurines. There are rooms filled with mirrors, radios, televisions, telephones,
toys, photographs and cameras, and more rooms filled with lamps, carpets, bicycles, metal signs, chandeliers, and bronze statues. MPF is a family owned business that has served the Vancouver film and television industry over the past 40 years. The Prop House film offers an opportunity to celebrate and explore this extraordinary collection of one million objects with the public for the first time. Secreted behind a closed door, this hidden gem is known only to art directors. This film provides a peek into a business that will soon disappear in Mount Pleasant. Gentrification of the area has made it
unaffordable to remain operating in this urban core. This film is also being featured as part of the art exhibition The Prop House: Collection of One Million Objects at Griffin Art Projects in North Vancouver May 17- August 18, 2024. This exhibition includes that work of 9 artists installations responding to the Mount Pleasant Furniture Collection.