Li Copsey, Neighbourly Love

work statement

This life-long endeavor of making will be a durational, diaristic, and dynamic
documentation of how life moves through me and many others. I often work alongside found objects, fascinated and in awe of their reverence and seniority— They are often gracious enough to allow me, a simple blip, to be a part of their extensive lifespan. For the time being, my purposes of action are to evoke emotions and memories that we may share, to transmit authentic records of the times and places I inhabit, to find vibrant connection and understanding, all the while surrendering to the deep-rooted desire to play.

These are your neighbours. Framed by a heritage home in the heart of Mount Pleasant. An across-the-street observation of loneliness, voyeurism, and the special kind of severed care we hold for strangers.