Grace Dillon, Kick

work statement

This piece was a turning point in my practice because it unlocked a way of expressing blurred realities, memory, and dreams through video. I am satisfied when I can assemble my ideas into complex juxtapositions: sweet vulgarity, comedy masking tragedy, disturbing harsh textures and layers with dream-like visuals. These melodic memories of personal and public past come together in a shared visual dream that expresses Internal and external movement, and an
outward gesture of emotion.

artist bio

Grace Dillon Lives and works in Victoria, BC, where she is approaching her MFA Thesis Defence in April 2024 and the University of Victoria. In her present studio practice, Dillon works with slo-motion video, assembling props and staging surreal installations in which her video projections reside. There is a focus on understanding the nexus of where archetype, technology, fabrication, video production, soundscape and performance meet in her work.