Emily Huang, Capturing Local Life

work statement

The area in and around Mount Pleasant is rapidly changing with new commercial and residential developments that shape the urban fabric of the neighbourhood. While new commercial spaces are occupied by businesses, there quietly remains local independent shops if they have not yet disappeared. The five paintings are a few examples of these places. They have been in and around the neighbourhood for many years as nostalgic places or offer a significant arts and cultural space in Vancouver.

Some are mom and pop grocery stores where more and more people visit due to the increasing cost of food. In the backdrop of rapid urban development, prime real estate and rising cost of rents, these shops remain open as significant places that continue existing for the community.

artist bio

Emily Huang is an artist living in the occupied territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. During the day she works in City Planning and pays attention to the urban built environment and how the changes impact local neighbourhoods. Emily mainly uses watercolour and gouache and sometimes will incorporate markers and pencil crayons into her paintings. She uses these mediums to create textures and movement in her work, even when painting buildings that are angular in real life. For Emily, painting storefronts is a way to showcase the history, stories, and people that often go unnoticed.