Rashi Sethi & Inanna Cusi, Glitter

work statement

Glitter Loop is a 16mm visual experience challenging masculinity through glam. The mesmerising loop/movement of the pieces allows the viewers to stand still and stop in their tracks, reflecting on the sounds in their surroundings while witnessing the glittering lights passing through from the centre of the screen out into the world around it. This project was created to experiment with the medium of analog film trying to push the capabilities of 16mm motion pictures.

artist bio

Inanna Cusi is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing on the practical and hands-on aspects of art. She makes images through drawing, painting, sculpture, animation and film. Her recent interest, after studying film at Simon Fraser University, directing multiple festival playing shorts and producing an indie feature, has been in analog motion picture’s darkroom developing side. Through a mentorship at Cineworks, she has helped build their new darkroom facilities while learning from experts and developing many 8mm and 16mm projects.

Rashi Sethi is a cinematographer and photographer who enjoys playing with digital and celluloid mediums to explore the full creative potential of lens-based art. Thematically, their work is often playful and dreamy in nature, aiming to encapsulate moments of joy from QTBIPOC perspectives. Having never been in a place for longer than three years at a time until age 18, Rashi’s formative years of exploring different cultures and landscapes around the world inspire her visual style.