Hannah Langford Berman (Little Kingdoms), Fruiting Bodies

work statement

Fruiting Bodies is an animated looping short film by Little Kingdoms. A fruiting body is the multicellular structure of an organism on which spore-producing structures are born. This film explores the connection between fruiting bodies found within all the taxonomic kingdoms of life. The animation was rotoscoped by hand and all the colours you see in the film are microscopic textures of fruit recorded under a digital microscope. Sound design by Evan Murphy.

artist bio

Hannah Langford Berman (Little Kingdoms) is a motion graphic artist, composed of 57% watermelon juice. Her hand-drawn animations often focus on the micro-movements (often through her digital microscope) of objects and organisms while weaving together patterns of texture, colour, and light. Hannah’s projects have included logo animation, supporting visuals for presentations and conferences, web interface design elements, Instagram stickers for brands and musicians, cover art, and accompanying visuals for live music events and AV broadcasts. In 2017 Hannah was named the winner of the Europeana GIF IT UP competition’s People’s Choice Award. She is a verified contributor with GIPHY Arts with over 500M views and in 2019 became an official partner with Google’s Tenor. Hannah currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.